Hello, I'm Jason Murtha

I help media companies, non-profits, and small businesses with their digital needs.

How to work with me

1 Sign up and get started right away

Start a monthly subscription for my services directly on this website. You'll quickly receive access to a platform and can begin sending me tasks. Feel free to book a call with me first to make sure we're a good fit.

2 Feed me tasks

Add as many tasks to the list as you like. Upload materials and information you think I should see.

3 I work and deliver

I'll work through the tasks one at a time and deliver them to you for feedback and approval, typically within 2-3 days. Once it's approved, we'll move on to the next task.

4 Pause if you need to

If you don't have any tasks for me, you're able to pause the subscription. You pay nothing while paused and can resume whenever you want.

Why is a subscription better than hiring?

Hiring is expensive

It could cost double or triple the amount or more to hire someone and you would need to worry about taxes, benefits, holidays, equipment, skill development and a hundred other things.

Hiring is slow

Finding the right person for the job is a time-consuming process in both recruitment and on-boarding. I can start bringing value today.

You can't pause an employee

If you don't need an employee's skills for an amount of time, you still need to keep paying them.

Hiring is risky

Hiring an employee is a long-term committment in a world where an organization's needs can change quickly.




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The Plans



  • One request at a time
  • Pause or cancel anytime



  • Two requests at a time
  • Pause or cancel anytime